The ultimate safety helmet.

The ultimate safety helmet with three laser lights.
Eliminate blind spot; Extend cyclists' footprint.

Cycling has become so much safer and visible.

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Front laser. Forward thinking.
Eliminate blind spot; Enhance safety.

Explore a whole new world with the smart front laser.

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The helmet with side laser lights.
Highlight cyclist's lane of rights;

Never shy from the night again.

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The helmet with two indicator lights.
Any trip you can make,

make it safer; make it stylish.

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The helmet with automatic brake lights.
Cycle further;

Cycle safer.

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The helmet with front and rear LED lights (all-in-one).
Travel light,

without various gadgets and lights.

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Technology in every millimeter.
Safe; Stylish; Innovative.

Your trusted cycling companion.

Weather resistant.
Makes a splash. Takes a splash.

Flat out fun in all weather.

The helmet with two speakers.
Voice navigation or music;

Cycling is no longer the same.

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Feature summary


Technically speaking. (Specs)


Estimated battery life * 3-5 hours
Battery type 2800mAh Li rechargable
Battery charging time * Approximately 2 hours
Battery stand-by time Up to 30 days
Battery electrical Input DC 5V/0.5-1.1A


Front LED light Brightness 100 lm white LED
Front LED lighting mode Flash and constant modes
Laser output power <5mW (3R laser)
Green laser wavelength 510–525nm

Other* :

Charge interface Micro USB-C (Android charger cable)
Bluetooth Operational Distance Up to 10 meters (33 feet)
Speaker Output 0.5 W*2
Speaker Volume 72dB
Dimensions and Weight About 255 x 230 x 110 mm (H x W x D)  400 g

* It may vary based on environmental conditions.