Introduce the smart laser lights


The world's first and only helmet with laser lights.
The smart front laser projects an image about 6 meters ahead of cyclist. This greatly extends cyclists' footprint on road, and is particularly useful when cyclists are caught in the huge blind-spot area of a large vehicle. Cycling is so much safer with Beacon Helmet.


Side lasers highlight cyclist's lane of rights.
The lane of safety; the lane of respect; guarded by the lane of laser.

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Laser falls on the hood
if an overtaking car comes dangerously close---just a friendly warning.

The smart front laser is excellent at warning pedestrians.
Pedestrians' movement can be the very unpredictable. But our front green laser is so bright that it draws attention from anyone entering onto cyclists' path, even when their eyes are not on the road (but on their smartphones).

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Blind spot: no longer as dangerous.
The projected laser image helps the driver notice fast approaching cyclists. Even in a blind spot.

You will be surprised by how large the blind spot area is.

Pulling out of a junction is safer.
Your footprint on road is greatly extended. The visibility is greater than ever.

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Passing a junction is safer, too.
Drivers know your coming before they see you. 

Be seen; be anticipated.
Packed with technology; plus years of research and optical engineering;

all in a minuscule space.

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High-quality laser diodes; Smart chip control.
Bright green, the most visible color to human eyes at night, carefully engineered. 

Built to last; the ultimate safety helmet. 

Project your smart front laser anywhere you want.
Unlike mounting laser emitter onto an inflexible handlebar, a wearable laser gives you absolutely total control over where you want the laser to be projected, even at the footstep of a walking smartphone-zombie.  All you need to do is to slightly move your head. 

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Smart control of laser distraction.
​Control 1: Front laser shuts down smartly upon any sudden head movement.
​Control 2: Only a high speed will trigger the lasers. That is when you are too fast to stop in time in the case of an accident.You can easily set this speed threshold on your smartphone App.